Don't Do These things in Minecraft!

Thanks to the popularity of Minecraft all around the world and sites that offer a free version, it isn't hard to go online and find useful tips that will make your time in the game easier and more enjoyable. Often, these will explain what you should be doing to be successful. However, there is rarely advice on what you shouldn't be doing…until now. Luckily for you, we have compiled a list of things not to do in Minecraft if you want to stay alive and do well.

Always Sprint - If you are in the early days of playing, you don't want to be sprinting everywhere because this will drain your food bar quickly at a time where food is hard to come by.

Eat Pufferfish - Although they may look appetizing, pufferfish should not be consumed because they will cause hunger and nausea as well as poisoning you to the highest level (Poison IV).

Dig Directly Down - Of all the tips you learn today, this will be the most important of all. When you dig down, you could fall into lava, a mob spawner, a cave, and more. When this happens, you are likely to die and lose all of your possessions with little chance of retrieving them.

Kill Sheep - When you kill sheep, you will get one piece of wool in return and the sheep will obviously die. By using two pieces of iron, you can craft a set of shears which will yield 1-3 blocks of wool whilst keeping the sheep alive. When the sheep is alive, the wool can grow back and you can even dye the wool whilst still on the sheep.

Go on an Adventure - Let's add a caveat to this one because Minecraft is all about adventuring - don't go on an adventure without a map, compass, or some means of finding your way home without dying. After collecting valuable resources and maybe even a pet dog, the last thing you want is to lose your way home.

Dig Directly Up - In truth, digging directly upwards is also a terrible idea because anything could fall on you from above from skeletons to lava to creepers. If you want to survive, never dig upwards because this also means that you are placing blocks beneath you which leaves you trapped.

Look at Endermen - When you see an Enderman, you should be doing all you can to avoid eye contact because this will trigger the mob and you are likely to die because they can teleport and confuse you. However, there is a way to look at the Endermen and this is when you have a pumpkin on your head. As crazy as this sounds, it actually works and could save your life.

Destroy the Blue Clay - If you ever come across a temple in the desert, you need to tread carefully because that thing is loaded with TNT. Normally, you will see a block of blue clay in the center of the temple and, after destroying this, a pressure plate will be triggered which destroys the treasure and is likely to kill you too.

Dig Underwater - Finishing on a lighter note, blocks take around five times longer to destroy when underwater so try and mine clay from above the water and then collect it afterwards.

There we have it, some superb tips of things not to do in Minecraft. With these, you will avoid the common mistakes that many people make each and every day!

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HOGs in Court

Interplay wins injunction against Lasersoft

In late September of 1995, Interplay Productions - creators of such software titles as Cybèria, Virtual Pool, and Dungeon Master II: The Legend of Skulikeep - filed a lawsuit against Lasersoft Inc. for their software collection Dimensions for Descent The design of the Lasersoft product packaging too strongly resembled that of Interplay's blockbuster hit Descent; Interplay maintained.

The latest on the case came following a hearing on October 2, 1995, when United States District Judge Alicemarie H. Stotler awarded an injunction for Interplay against Lasersoft, prohibiting further sales of their product Lasersoft is required to remove the title from store shelves. Judge Stotler awarded the injunction based on the probability that Interplay would ultimately prevail in the case on the merits of its claims against Lasersoft.

The issues of the lawsuit involved trademark and related claims. Dimensions for Descent is a collection of add-on levels for Interplay's Descent. The add-on files, known as "HOGs," are similar to the WADs created for Doom, Doom II, and Heretic, allowing players to use special editors to create new levels for Descent To use them, owners of Descent merely need to copy the HOGs" to the same directory on their computer that Descent uses. Then, they can choose to play the add-on level from the menu when they start the game.

Lasersoft gathered many of these custom Descent levels together in one CD-ROM and marketed it, much like several other companies have done for Doom. But Interplay wasn't about to let Lasersoft make the move unchallenged. "As a matter of company policy, Interplay believes in vigorously protecting its intellectual property rights," said Christopher Kilpatrick, president of Interplay.

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The Age of Rifles

The challenge of fighting a battle at close range is what The Age of Rifles is all about.

SSI's The Age of Rifles is one of the more unusual military offerings of the season, and one we'll all be lining up to play when it comes out in December.

War game lovers will have a bounty of choices this year, with new games that appeal to just about every taste. With subjects ranging from WWII to The Battle of Little Big Horn, though, it's going to be tough to decide just which title your desktop general will dig the most. But never fear; we'll give you plenty of great options.

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Josephine: Portrait of an Assassin

Your pistol may not be terribly powerful,  but it does a good job of mowing the enemy down.

When an obscure branch of the CIA hires a convicted killer to do their dirty work for them, she gets caught up in a maelstrom of intrigue and power. You control the not-so-innocent heroine as she works through the objectives set for her by her superiors. When the killings she performs move from dictators and anti-American terrorists to prominent businessmen and politicians, she begins to realize she is helping an organization bent on national domination. And she is the only one who can stand in their way.

You can play through the first mission in the demo of MediaAge’s new first person shooter. Blending full-motion video with first person action, Josephine throws you into a world where death lurks around every corner.

The first thing you’ll want to do is select a weapon. Press the number keys to choose— although some are not available yet. Pressing 1 will arm your pistol with a silencer, a good weapon to start with. If you press “M,” a map of your immediate surroundings will appear, with red squares showing the location of your enemies, and white squares revealing doorways.

You can move your character with the mouse or keyboard; we preferred the latter. The Control keys will fire and the spacebar will open doors. In order to play full-screen rather than in the window you start with, press F2.

TECHNICAL NOTE: At press time, the final version of Microsoft’s “directx” had not yet been released. Josephine requires “directx” to run properly.

The documentation that comes with the game says that killing the bad guys is ‘optional. Just for fun, see how far you can get without firing a weapon of any kind. It takes speed, but it’s possible.

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